About Us

The Arnett Way

At Arnett Construction, we believe ethics, integrity, and quality at a competitive value, establishes credibility with our clients. We don’t just build projects, we build lasting, beneficial relationships.

Arnett Construction offers performance that has been defined as a series of many interrelated tasks done exceptionally well. As construction projects become more complex and schedules more compressed in today’s marketplace, attention to detail is vital.

“Every construction project involves a multiplicity of small tasks that must be monitored continuously.” – Curt Arnett

We provide value-added services to clients across a multitude of markets. All aspects of every discipline, including planning, scheduling, budget analysis, value engineering, supervision, and labor and materials, are critical to completing a job on time and within budget.

Every project is driven by our value proposition: our clients deserve the finest performance we can deliver, and when we manage details efficiently, excellence follows. We help pave the foundation of business to ensure our clients accelerate in their prospective markets. Excellence Builds Business.

Our History

Founded in 1993 by Curt Arnett, Arnett Construction is a general contractor dedicated to the philosophy that we build more than projects. Curt’s vision was to create a fair, friendly, creative and fun work environment that respects hard work, new ideas and diversity. With its humble beginnings, Arnett Construction offers a unique combination of large firm business acumen and small firm attention to detail and service.

Company Profile

Arnett Construction is a construction service organization based in San Diego and Los Angeles, focusing its efforts on the commercial industry with extensive experience in the retail, restaurant, and financial institution markets. By matching construction resources and expertise to the needs of clients, Arnett Construction strives to provide the most cost effective, timely and quality construction and renovation of commercial spaces. Arnett Construction often operates as an appendage to clients’ own Real Estate/Construction personnel, offering a menu of services, including site surveys and permitting in addition to the standard construction management and general contracting activities.

Curt Arnett, President

Over a 30 year career in the construction industry, Mr. Arnett has gained a wide range of experience from his beginnings in the field through mid-level management, and ultimately to senior level management of a construction firm. Having experience in the field supervising trades, Mr. Arnett was actively involved in putting the pieces of numerous projects together. That, combined with later experience in all aspects of project management and executive leadership, has given Mr. Arnett a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry.

Leading and managing a mid-sized general contractor, Mr. Arnett was responsible for client communications, contract negotiations, project resource allocation, personnel assessments, project scheduling oversight, cost estimating including both vendor review and in-house labor estimates, value engineering, CPM scheduling, schedule review and creative schedule analysis. Mr. Arnett has taken projects of a wide value range from inception through project close-out and subsequent warranty durations.

Having experience in project management, Mr. Arnett has worked closely with owners, architects, and subcontractors in the daily operations of projects. He has extensive experience in daily communications, reports, material procurement, subcontract negotiations, safety requirements, project close-out, punch-list, warranty, and service. With experience in both the trades and supervision, Mr. Arnett has personal knowledge and extensive experience with the issues presented on-site and the requirements of task completion, including labor resource needs, the orderly scheduling of tasks and their ramifications.

Mr. Arnett is actively involved in both industry associations and community service. He is a frequent speaker at both industry and charitable functions.