Arnett Construction, is a construction service organization focusing its efforts to the light commercial market, with an emphasis in specialty retail, restaurant, and financial institution markets. By matching its construction resources and expertise to the needs of its clients, Arnett Construction seeks to provide for the cost effective and timely quality construction and renovation of commercial spaces. Arnett Construction operates under the premise of being an appendage to the clients' own Real Estate/Construction personnel, offering a menu of services, such as site surveys, permitting, in addition to the standard construction management/general contracting activities. At Arnett Construction, we believe that through "ETHICS, INTEGRITY and QUALITY at a COMPETITIVE VALUE" we will establish credibility with our clients for the long term benefit of all parties concerned.

   Arnett Construction offers performance that has been defined as a series of many interrelated tasks done exceptionally well. Today, as construction projects become more complex and schedules more compressed, attention to detail becomes vital. "Every construction project involves a multiplicity of small tasks that must be monitored continuously." Valued added services to its clients in all aspects of every discipline - planning, scheduling, budget analyses, value engineering, supervision, labor and materials - are critical to completing a job on time and on budget. At Arnett Construction, every project we take on is driven by beliefs that you deserve the finest performance we can deliver; that your needs deserve our full care and attention; and that when we manage details efficiently, excellence will follow, paving the way for solid, rewarding, long-term relationships. These beliefs contribute to our conviction that,

"Excellence Builds Business."